Eurovision 2024 just announced its new winner! Congratulations to Switzerland for the amazing performance!

Just as Eurovision countries are ‘united by music’, so is conect4children united by a mutual goal: better medicines for babies, children and young people through a pan-European clinical trial network. Through a collaboration between 36 academic, 10 industry and around 500 affiliated partners, we are determined to achieve this goal.

20 National Hubs across Europe make this possible, each consisting of a number of linked hospital sites. A hub represents its country with its own procedures, training and metrics, much like each Eurovision entry has its own national flavour. The network regularly makes room on the stage for hubs to grab a mic and share their ideas and insights. This allows them to harmonize their unique traits resulting in improved agility, efficiency and quality of multinational paediatric clinical trials. This collaboration sets up a new infrastructure to support all evaluations of medicines in children, evolving conect4children to a benchmark in the currently fragmented European clinical research environment.

Get to know more about the National Hubs through our “Spotlight” series (though unfortunately they haven’t released any catchy Eurovision songs… yet!).