Feb 21st 2023

A 3rd c4c Multistakeholder Meeting (MSM) was held on 21 February in Berlin; the topic was medical devices for children with Type 1 diabetes. The aim of the meeting was to define the unmet medical needs, understand the regulatory environment in the EU and US and learn about the challenges faced by industry when developing devices for children. The strategic discussion identified actions to promote access to medical devices for all children of all ages. MSMs are designed to facilitate discussion and interaction among relevant stakeholders on the development of medicines in the best interest of children and adolescents. More details of the outcome of this MSM will soon be available on the c4c website.

Mar 1-2nd 2022

On 1-2 March 2022, c4c hosted a successful 2nd online c4c Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on paediatric Atopic Dermatitis (AD). Many thanks to speakers, the Programme Committee and to the 100 participants from academia, regulatory bodies, young patients, advocates and industry representatives. Presentations included biology/immunology of AD in children, perspective from young patients and families and description of industry assets. Over 60 drugs in clinical development or approved were identified.  Panel discussions focused on paediatric unmet medical needs and improvement of the evaluation of new medicines for children and adolescents. A scientific manuscript for a specialized journal is currently in development.

April 14-15th 2021

More than 100 stakeholders from academia, industry, regulators and patients/patient associations attended our first Multi-Stakeholder Meeting (MSM) on April 14 and 15, 2021. Our first c4c MSM was held online and focused on Paediatric inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). There are multiple drugs in development for IBD, however several clinical trials, as part of agreed pediatric development plans, are attempting to enroll patients with limited success. Please find the report on the meeting here