c4c has created an integrated educational program known as the c4c academy. The c4c academy has been developed jointly by academia and pharmaceutical companies to address best practice in paediatric clinical trials and paediatric medicine development. The c4c academy and training courses are currently only open to c4c beneficiaries. However, we know that there are a number of excellent paediatric training courses available outside of c4c and we do not want to duplicate existing educational resources. To compliment our training offering, we have developed a catalogue which signposts c4c beneficiaries and other interested parties to external courses about paediatric clinical trials and disease specific training to complement our training offer. If you would like to recommend a course for inclusion, please complete this form.

Disclaimer: This purpose of this catalogue is to list available and relevant paediatric training courses. This is in no way an endorsement by c4c for any of the listed courses.

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External training courses catalogue
TitleOverviewCourse DateDescriptionProviderObjectivesTargetFormatLanguageRegionCostCreditDeadlineTagstarget_hfilterformat_hfiltertags_hfilter
Advanced therapy education webinar seriesThis series of webinars will cover many aspects of cell and gene therapies.on demand

This webinar series will cover topics from the basics, providing an introduction to how this new technology can modify diseases, though to a more in-depth look into operational aspects of delivering advanced therapies within the hospital environment. The sessions are delivered as a collaboration between London Advanced Therapies and the ATTC network.

Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres network (ATTC)

To provide an understanding of advanced therapies and how they are delivered within the hospital environment.

EnglishUKFreeNo, , , , health-care-professionalsonlineadvanced-therapies cell-therapy clinical-trials gene-therapy health-care
CDISC for academic researchersThis training outlines how academic and research organizations can implement CDISC standards within their organizations.on demand

In this training, learners will understand the benefits of adopting CDISC standards. The training will also provide academics with a useful toolkit and helpful information for collecting and organizing research data using CDISC standards. This training also outlines navigating CDISC resources and how to contribute to clinical research standards development.


CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium)
  • Describe the CDISC standards and how they improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of research data in order to recognize their value in academic research.
  • Identify individual CDISC standards in order to set the stage for implementation.
  • Support the adoption of implementing CDISC standards for data collection and organization in academic research.
, EnglishGlobalFreeNo, , , principal-investigators researchersonlineclinical-research data data-standards research
CDISC Newcomers WebinarThis webinar provides on introduction to CDISC data standards.on demand

This webinar, presented by some of the foremost CDISC experts, will cover the fundamentals to get you up to speed on the what, how, and why of CDISC standards. We will address such topics as:

  • The need for global standards in the current industry environment,
  • An overview of the CDISC Model
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Use cases for CDISC Standards.
CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium)

To provide an introduction to CDISC and the use of data standards.

, , EnglishGlobalFreeNo, , , pharmaceutical-industry principal-investigators researchersonlineclinical-research clinical-trials data data-standards
Childhood Cancer: State-of-the-Art Treatment, Innovative (Bio)Medicine and Patient Centered CareThis course helps to capture the latest knowledge in the area of childhood cancer.11th-15th July 2022

This course aims to bring students up to speed on state-of-the-art treatment, innovative (bio)medicine and patient centred care in childhood cancer. Audience and teachers are multidisciplinary (Medical, Pharmacists, Researchers, Pharma industry, Nurses, Psychologists, Family caregivers), so the interactions are very rich and bring diverse perspectives. The format is made of state of the art courses and workshops around practical cases. Group-work is to be done for the end of the training (last day). 2 ECTS certificate is provided at end of the course.

Utrecht Summer School - Utrecht University - The Netherlands in collaboration with the Prinsess Maxima Center for Pediatric oncology

The objective of this course is to gain theoretical and practical experience in the fields of neuro-oncology, solid tumours and hemato-oncology including stem cell transplantation. You will also learn about disease-independent topics such as novel insights in tumor biology, molecular imaging, personalised medicine, quality of life issues and late effects of disease and treatment. It gives a good overview of the main progresses in onco pedaitric field , and the remaining issues.

, , EnglishGlobal€ 350Yes1 May 2022, , health-care-professionals pharmaceutical-industry studentsin-person-teachingcancer health-care oncology
Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS): online modular training programmeThe EMA is delivering an online modular training programme to help clinical trial sponsors, national competent authorities, ethics committees, European Commission and EMA staff prepare for using the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS).on demand

The training programme consists of several modules, covering the full lifecycle of clinical trial submission, authorisation and supervision.

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

To prepare and train users in the use of the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS).

, , , , EnglishEuropeFreeNo, , clinical-trial-co-ordinators health-care-professionals pharmaceutical-industry principal-investigators researchersonlineclinical-research clinical-trial regulatory
EJP RD MOOC: Diagnosing Rare Diseases: from the Clinic to Research and backDiscover the role of research, clinical investigation and data sharing in diagnosing rare diseases.4th October 2022

This course from the EJP RD offers an exploration of key questions around rare disease diagnostic research and issues today, as well as insights into patient experiences.

European Joint Programme in Rare Diseases (EJP RD)

You will discover more about the progress made through diagnostic research, as well as the types of genetic tests available for rare diseases, and the impact of having a diagnosis – or lacking a diagnosis – on patients’ lives. You’ll explore key issues relating to rare genetic diseases and undertake your own internet-based investigation into several diagnostic research topics.

, , , , , EnglishEuropeFreeNo, , , health-care-professionals paramedics parents-caregivers patients-patients-representatives pharmaceutical-industry studentsonlineclinical-research diagnosis health-care-professionals rare-diseases
European Paediatric Advanced Life SupportThe EPALS course is designed for all healthcare professionals who are likely to be involved, either as a team member or team leader, in the resuscitation of a child, infant or newborn whether in hospital or out of hospital.TBC

The course aims to provide healthcare professionals and caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed for managing a critically ill child during the first hour of illness, and preventing progression to cardiac arrest. Emphasis is also given to team management and non-technical skills.

The European Resuscitation Council
  • Recognition of a critically ill child
  • Knowledge and skills in assessing and treating problems with the airway, breathing and circulation (including bag-mask ventilation)
  • Intraosseous infusion Management of shock Scenario-based training in the management of critically ill children
  • Basic life support treatment of choking
  • Neonatal life support
  • Advanced cardiac arrest algorithms Shockable and non-shockable rhythms, defibrillation Scenario-based training in the management of (imminent) cardiac arrest, severe trauma and special circumstances; with emphasis on non-technical skills and team approach Post-resuscitation care and ethics
, , , Dutch and FrenchGlobal€350-€500No, , health-care-professionals pharmaceutical-industry studentshands-on-practice onlinehealth-care health-care-professionals resuscitation
Expert EU CTR Course for Clinical Drug Trials in EuropeThis course is about the new EU regulation on clinical trials of medicinal products for human use, which replaces the existing directive 2001/20/EC.On demand

The EU CTR (European Clinical Trial Regulation) comes into effect on January 31 2022 and affects everyone involved in clinical drug research in Europe, including paediatric drug trials. The EU CTR Expert course for clinical drug trials in Europe helps you understand all the vital aspects of the EU CTR regulation. You’ll learn all strategic elements, from study design, requirements to the paediatric investigation plan (PIP) to submission, to clinical conduct in our course, making you the EU CTR expert. Includes 4 interactive modules,1 test and takes 7.5 hours to complete.

DCRF via myGCP.world
  • Principles of EU CTR (EU Clinical Trial Regulation)Transition period and expected implementation EU CTR
  • Contents of submission dossier Part I and II, incl paediatric investigation plan (PIP)
  • Preparing and submitting of the research dossier in the CTIS portal
  • Role of the submitter, the reviewer,and the investigator
  • Critical timelines for submission and review of a dossier
  • How to answer questions from the reviewing ethics committee
  • Requirements for the conduct of clinical drug research
  • Safety reporting requirements
  • Submitting substantial amendments via the CTIS
  • End of trial reporting, summary of Clinical Trial Results for Laypersons
  • Publication of trial data: requirements and transparency
, , , , EnglishGlobal€95(excl VAT)No, , clinical-trial-co-ordinators health-care-professionals pharmaceutical-industry principal-investigators researchersonlineclinical-research clinical-trials regulatory
MRC funded PhD studentships in Trials MethodologyThe MRC Doctoral Training Partnership presents an opportunity to undertake training for a PhD in trials methodologySeptember 2022

The MRC NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership aims to Improve health by improving trials. 3 year funded studentships are available in statistics, data analytics and informatics, computer science,
health economics, qualitative methods, mixed methods, clinical medicine and psychology

Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP)

Students will become members of the TMRP, offering a broader spectrum of training activities and networking opportunities beyond their host Research Organisation. Students will be encouraged to join relevant TMRP working groups, where they will meet other PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and senior academic staff from relevant and complementary research themes. In addition to a structured ‘core’ training programme, we are able to provide a range of more specific training that students may choose to attend following consultation with their supervisors.

EnglishEuropeFunded PhD studentshipYes18 February 2022, , studentsin-person-teachingclinical-research clinical-trial-methodology clinical-trials
Paediatrics & Child Health ( Online)Developed by the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at University College Cork, this course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage children under their care.12th September 2022

This is the first University-accredited postgraduate programme in Paediatrics and Child Health in Ireland and forms part of a unique suite of Paediatrics and Child Health courses, designed so students who complete the Postgraduate Certificate have the option to proceed to a Diploma and Masters level qualification.

These Paediatrics and Child Health courses were established by the Universities College of Medicine and Health to meet the demand for dynamic multidisciplinary healthcare models for treating children. The course is designed for busy healthcare professionals, including those working full time, who want to learn flexibly. Offering a broad coverage of the scientific basis of childhood disease, the principles of evidence-based paediatric medicine, and focus on the various multidisciplinary assessment and treatment approaches within the field of paediatrics.

University College Cork

On successful completion of this Certificate course, you will be able to:

Outline a systematic approach to new-born and infant clinical assessment;
Define the principles of managing common illnesses in infants and children;
Describe the principles of assessing and managing a febrile child with reference to sepsis;
Outline the roles and responsibilities of the multi-disciplinary team in child health;
Describe the assessment and management of accidental and non-accidental injuries in children.

EnglishGlobal€3,130Yes1 July 2022, , , health-care-professionalsonlinecare health-care health-care-professionals paediatrics