Advice service process

Once a request for advice had been submitted to SPoC, it will be forwarded to the Advisory Group Secretariat. They will coordinate the following steps in the process:

  1. Collect additional information via advice request form and schedule a scoping call with sponsor to discuss the details of the request
  2. Together with Expert Group Leads select the best suitable Expert(s) for this specific advice request. This could be one or more Experts from one or more Expert Groups (clinical, innovative methodology, patient/parent)
  3. Proposed list of Experts is shared with sponsor. Sponsor can reject Experts or propose additional Experts. Final list is jointly agreed. The sponsor is free to have further Experts attend the advice meeting
  4. Agreements/Workorders are put in place
  5. Advice meeting (virtual or in-person) is organised by c4c
  6. Advice report is written by c4c in collaboration with Experts after the advice meeting has taken place

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