The c4c Young Investigators’ Community


c4c brings together key stakeholders across academia and industry to build capacity for the management of multinational paediatric clinical trials across Europe. Central to developing capacity for clinical trials is the upskilling and development of young investigators and research professionals.

c4c has established the Young Investigators Community to include young investigators and researchers from across the c4c National Hubs network. This community aims to involve individuals working within the c4c network to come together and improve collaboration, education, and networking. Young investigators/research professionals are from the National Hubs, involved in research and clinical trials and are below the age of 45 years. Although in the early stages of their research careers, these young investigators/researchers will hopefully be among the future leaders in paediatric clinical trials in Europe and beyond.

The c4c Young Investigators Community meet biweekly to provide peer to peer support and transcend cultural and country boundaries.

The Young Investigators Community held its kick-off at the beginning of May 2021, and a full program of activity has now been set-up with a combination of formal and informal sessions. The c4c Young Investigators Community activities include:

  • Biweekly sessions, including both formal and informal formats
  • Two-monthly teambuilding sessions
  • Biyearly Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting in one of the participating countries
  • Mentoring program with more experienced investigators
  • Social platform for offline communication

To find out more about the Young Investigators Community, please contact the coordination centre in Ghent, Belgium through

More information on our community will be available soon.