The c4c Young Investigators’ Community

What is the c4c YIC

c4c brings together key stakeholders across academia and industry to build capacity for the management of multinational paediatric clinical trials across Europe. Central to developing capacity for clinical trials is the upskilling and development of young investigators and research professionals.

c4c has established the Young Investigators Community to include young investigators and researchers from across the c4c National Hubs network. This community aims to involve individuals working within the c4c network to come together and improve collaboration, education, and networking. Young investigators/research professionals are from the National Hubs, involved in research and clinical trials and are below the age of 45 years. Although in the early stages of their research careers, these young investigators/researchers will hopefully be among the future leaders in paediatric clinical trials in Europe and beyond.

The c4c Young Investigators Community meet biweekly to provide peer to peer support and transcend cultural and country boundaries.

The c4c Young Investigators Community activities include:

  • Biweekly sessions, including both formal and informal formats
  • Two-monthly teambuilding sessions
  • Biyearly Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting in one of the participating countries
  • Mentoring program with more experienced investigators
  • Social platform for offline communication

Our kickoff on the 10th of May 2021 infused the c4c Young Investigators Community (YIC) with energy, fostering connections through icebreakers, brainstorming, and a structured schedule. This event set the stage for the impactful initiatives that followed. Later we’ve had some rousing and fascinating sessions! For example, diving deep into hub structures and team dynamics, strengthening our understanding of each hub’s unique contributions, discussions about the importance of ethical considerations, how to prepare for an audit, guidance for management and budgeting – and so much more! In addition to specific topics, we’ve had the privilege of engaging in enlightening discussions with diverse professionals, fostering meaningful exchanges among representatives from various national hubs, much like the insightful interactions we experienced in Thessaloniki. These sessions have proven to be truly enlightening, expanding our perspectives and fostering valuable connections.

In essence, the YIC is not just a gathering of individuals; it’s a convergence of potential, an incubator of innovation, and a celebration of collaboration. It’s a reminder that the future of pediatric clinical trials is in capable hands, hands that are connected, empowered, and primed to make a difference. The journey has begun, and as the YIC continues to expand its horizons, the prospect of a brighter, more collaborative future looms on the horizon. And the most important: better future for children!

First Live c4c YIC Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece

In March 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece, the YIC had their first live day, filled with knowledge exchange and invited speaker from Novartis. The live YIC session was a collaborative effort involving representatives from almost all 21 participating countries. The event’s comprehensive agenda unfolded within the conference center, allowing attendees to engage fully with the program. The YIC team is composed of individuals possessing diverse skills, drawn from various professional backgrounds. Despite these differences, they are bound together by a shared passion for advancing pediatric medical research and driving innovation in this field.

Launch of Mentorship Programme

In June 2023, the mentorship program reached a significant milestone as it was launched during the General Assembly meeting for a 3-month pilot run within c4c. This program was developed following an internal assessment of the specific needs of investigators. It also integrated established mentorship methodologies to ensure effectiveness.

To facilitate the matching process and intake of participants, a comprehensive intake and matchmaking form was designed. This form was completed by participants representing multiple stakeholders within c4c, ensuring a holistic and well-informed approach.

By August 2023, a significant achievement was realized: the mentorship program successfully on-boarded its first batch of 20 participants for the program’s kick-off phase. This marked an important step forward in the implementation of the initiative.

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