c4c offers a Strategic Feasibility Advice service to all the c4c beneficiaries.

Strategic Feasibility Advice is the c4c term to describe the process of providing advice to bring clinical and innovative methodology expertise as well as the patient and parent perspective to paediatric development.
The aim is to expedite the development of high quality paediatric plans/protocols and conduct of feasible paediatric clinical trials and by this the access to well-studied drugs for paediatric patients.

This service provides the industry and academic c4c beneficiaries the opportunity to gain advice on any aspect of paediatric drug development throughout the entire cycle.

The service aims to assist sponsors in new ways to overcome the hurdles of paediatric drug development and to ensure that the study design is patient centred.

What do we offer?

  • A one-stop-shop for advice from several Expert Groups
    • clinical
    • methodology
    • patients/parents
  • A large European Network of Experts with over 300 members
  • Logistical support for organizing advice meetings, focus groups and/or patient-parent involvement activities (patient journeys, interviews, etc.)

Are you a c4c beneficiary interested in obtaining advice? Please contact us by sending an email to the c4c Single Point of Contact – SPOC

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