One of the goals of the c4c project is to boost the quality of data gathered from the clinical trials run through the c4c project. This will provide us with information on how the c4c network is performing.

Fondazione Gianni Benzi Onlus and Janssen Pharmaceutical NV are working to design and integrate IT systems and tools meant to achieve this goal, and a kick-off meeting to start the development of the c4c Information System (IS) will be held on 17 – 18 December 2019 in Bari, Italy.

The c4c IS will allow the measurement and monitoring of c4c performance in paediatric clinical studies, while providing IT tools to support the functioning of the c4c network itself (eg contacts management; management, processing and tracking of internal and external requests; business process management; data collection and management; business intelligence).

This meeting will, for the first time, bring together end-users, business analysts, network representatives, and IT solution developers.