In c4c, we are creating an integrated educational program, developed jointly by academia and industry companies, to address best practice in paediatric clinical trials and paediatric medicine development.

So far, 31 courses have been developed within our consortium in the fields of:

Upcoming on-line courses for 2021

 These courses are open to the c4c consortium, National Hubs members and sites, see c4c-Academy

To find out more how to enrol, please contact your National Hub or the Enrolment secretariat,

Upcoming on-line courses for 2021

Upcoming courses

Planned start date
Good Clinical Practice (GCP basic course)Finishes 31 May 2021 – Further editions to follow
Competence development in GCP: Audit and Inspection readiness1st edition due to lunch autumn 2021
Competence development in GCP: The process to obtain Informed Consent and AssentPilot edition to start on 19 April 2021
Competence development in GCP: Relevant aspects in GCP for research nursesPilot edition to start in July 2021
Advanced course on Paediatric Clinical Trials and Paediatric Drug Development (interactive course for a duration of 8 months)Pilot edition to start in September 2021
An introduction to innovative clinical trial designDue to launch summer 2021
Developmental pharmacologyDue to launch summer 2021
Concepts of Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIP) (collaboration with WP4)Due to launch summer 2021
Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence (collaboration with WP5)Due to launch winter 2021
Practical tips for setting up gene therapy trials – an “Institutional Readiness” frameworkDue to launch winter 2021
Modelling simulation and extrapolationDue to launch winter 2021
Remote assessments in Paediatric Clinical TrialsDue to launch winter 2021
Issues experienced in adolescent clinical trialsDue to launch winter 2021
Registries and linking with observational studiesDue to launch winter 2021
Short course “Monitoring”3rd edition to follow from May 2021
Short course “Trial start-up”3rd edition to follow from May 2021
Children, Young patients and family involvement in the design of clinical research4th edition ongoing, further editions to follow