Introducing the c4c project leadership team:

  • Carlo Giaquinto (Penta – project coordinator)
  • Mark Turner (University of Liverpool – co-coordinator)
  • Katharine Cheng (Janssen – project lead)
  • Heidrun Hildebrand (Bayer – co-project lead).

We lead and supervise the overall progress of c4c, with the support of the project management office, and by working closely with Work Package Leads to drive forward the development of the c4c network.

c4c is a pan-European 6 year project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2 and was initiated as we feel that children deserve faster access to better medicines and we are keen to make this happen. The unique set-up of IMI2 allows collaboration between academic, patient organizations, regulators and industry and is what makes c4c special. This will enable c4c to have a lasting impact on the way paediatric clinical trials are carried out across Europe. c4c has reached an important milestone and we have now entered a new phase of the project, moving from theoretical discussions about processes, to testing the c4c network with the Proof of Viability (PoV) studies.

The next phase of the project will move the learnings from the first non-industry PoV studies to the industry PoV studies and further define the future c4c legal entity, ensuring the sustainability of c4c after the IMI funding ends.