The MCRN – Medicines for Children Research Network – Hungary (in Hungarian: Gyógyászati Klinikai Vizsgálói Hálózat) acts as the Hungarian national hub in the c4c initiative. The association was founded in 2013. At the time of its establishment, a significant number of physicians, researchers and specialists joined the field of drug research and development.

The purpose of the Association is to increase the number of paediatric clinical trials conducted in Hungary, and to improve the organization and quality of the trials. The MCRN has aimed to create an organized system of professionals and organizations involved in paediatric clinical trials, and thereby strengthen the relationship between professionals, facilitate communication and information flow between them. Also to promote the effective involvement of Hungarian paediatric specialists and organizations in Hungarian and international clinical drug developments and provide information to professionals and the public about educational and scientific work related to paediatric clinical trials, as well as the results. MCRN has intended to ensure regular contact between specialists, authorities and organizations participating in paediatric clinical trials, organize lectures and conferences, establish and maintain an information network.

In 2022, the MCRN was significantly transformed. In contrast to the large number of members representing the health sector and drug industry, it turned into a smaller, coordinating organization.

The new organizational structure enables more effective access to university and hospital research sites and research groups, so these groups can more effectively join the activities and services of c4c and c4c-S. In the c4c project, MCRN participates in the TREOCAPA study and in targeted training and curriculum development tasks implemented by the project.