The POLPEDNET network was established in 2017 due to initiative of Children’s Memorial Health Institute by representatives of four biggest paediatric hospitals in Poland:

  • Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI) – Warsaw;
  • Mother and Child Health Institute – Lodz;
  • Mother and Child Institute – Warsaw;
  • University Children’s Hospital – Krakow.

There are currently 10 members of POLPEDNET coordinated by the CMHI. Since the beginning of the c4c project the CMHI has a dual role – as National HubUB for c4c and coordinator of the POLPEDNET.

The POLPEDNET mission is to increase high quality, ethical research dedicated to medicinal products development for paediatric populations and to share experiences with other paediatric networks around the world.

The core members of the National Hub (NH) are:

  • Marek Migdal, MD, PhD – paediatrician, pulmonologist, coordinator of the network. He is affiliated with the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI) since its establishment. His clinical fields of interest are paediatric intensive care and clinical trials. Since 2018 he is the CEO of the CMHI. He has led numerous scientific and research projects, both national and international. His clinical experience together with expertise in assessment of clinical trials ensure proper activity of the NH.
  • Piotr Socha, MD, PhD, Dr Sci – Paediatrician, Gastroenterologist, Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, scientific support for clinical trial protocols design and national / international cooperation.
  • Natalia Szyperek, MA – works in the Scientific Research and International Cooperation Department, administrative support for the NH. As a postgraduate in clinical research, she is the heart of the NH.
  • Aleksander Wisniewski, RN, PhD – the scientific coordinator of the NH, the feasibility and site activation processes support. The clinical, scientific and academic expertise as a nurse is enhanced by his PhD thesis related to interdisciplinary communication between patient and therapeutic team.

The activities of the NH and POLPEDNET are supported by CMHI staff from different units (e.g. Katarzyna Gardzinska – PR unit, Mariusz Piotrowicz – scientific cooperation, Dorota Gagala – Clinical trials unit.

As part of the c4c project, POLPEDNET participates in 2 non-commercial clinical trials – KD-CAAP, TREOCAPA and 3 commercial clinical trials OPERETTA 2, FIONA / FIONA-OLE. CMHI created and published children dedicated comic book explaining the essence of clinical trials. Between 2017 and 2023, the number of feasibility requests increased by a factor of 7.