c4c Olympic achievements!

The Olympic Games are being held soon! The Games showcase top sporting achievements from athletes around the world. Much like this large event, the conect4children project gathers the top players in paediatric medicine and clinical trials to achieve outstanding goals.

New Publication: Development of the CDISC Pediatrics User Guide: a CDISC and conect4children collaboration

The conect4children (c4c) project aims to facilitate efficient planning and delivery of paediatric clinical trials. One objective of c4c is data standardization and reuse. Interoperability and reusability of paediatric clinical trial data is challenging due to a lack of standardization. The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standards that are required or recommended for regulatory…

National Hubs Eurovision Theme

Eurovision 2024 just announced its new winner! Congratulations to Switzerland for the amazing performance! Just as Eurovision countries are ‘united by music’, so is conect4children united by a mutual goal: better medicines for babies, children and young people through a pan-European clinical trial network. Through a collaboration between 36 academic, 10 industry and around 500 affiliated partners, we are determined to achieve this goal.

New Publication: Disease-specific data standardization

c4c are delighted to announce a new publication about Disease-specific data standardization. Standardization of disease-specific paediatric clinical trial data is a hugely challenging task. c4c brought together representatives from large initiatives, major data standards, well-known data dictionaries, patient registries, and clinical trial repositories with provisions for clinical data, to build a collaborative action plan for…

International Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day took place on the 29th February to raise awareness of rare diseases and demonstrate the solidarity amongst this unique global community. The day includes a global ‘Chain of Lights’ to illuminate buildings and landmarks in the rare disease colours. Many c4c beneficiaries took part in rare disease day events.