Over the last two years the c4c Paediatric Medicine Academy has been hard at work organizing, developing and providing high quality educational and training programs aimed at equipping researchers and clinicians with the best tools and techniques for optimal organisation, implementation and delivery of effective paediatric clinical trials.
To-date, c4c has had the honour of training more than 500 clinical trial staff.

Here is a brief breakdown of how we went about it.

We have run Good Clinical Practice courses

Following a pilot study on Good Clinical Practice (GCP), we made the basic modules available on our e-learning platform and hosted another 2 editions of the course. The feedback and comments we received from attendees have been positive so far and with this feedback we will be able to ensure that future courses maintain this high level of quality and relevance. Currently, we have started recruitment for our next edition in (in October 2020) with each National Hub having a maximum of 10 attendee slots.


We taught the importance of having young advisors involved in Clinical Trials

Thanks to the hard work of the Patient Public Involvement (PPI) Cross-Cutting Team (CCT), the training modules on“Involving children and young patients and families”has reached its second edition, and we are in the process of planning a new course for those interested in learning how to create, set up, and work with a group of young advisors in their hospitals.


We developed and presented our Short Thematic Courses

Through a series of courses on Trial Monitoring and Trial Start-up, we have trained clinical staff, specifically those involved in trial start up and management. These courses were conducted by a faculty of qualified and experienced trainers from academia and industry. Thanks to our effective c4c e-learning platform and the hard work of the supporting team, we have manged to release the first edition in July 2020, despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic


We developed protocol courses on non-industry Proof of Viability (PoV) Trials

With the impending initiation of PoV trials, we welcomed close collaboration with all the study teams to have protocol courses ready. A total of 15 modules are available to illustrate the TREOCAPA, cASPerCF, and KD – CAAP protocols, and provide attendees with knowledge on important procedures, such as echocardiography or sputum induction, as well as more practical advice on Case Report Form (CRF) completion and Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) management, which are all necessary for the achievement of desired study goals.


We created a seamless recruitment process

Using knowledge gained from previous recruitment activities, we have been able to simplify the procedure for recruiting attendees into our courses. While the National Hubs still play a central role by providing the course specific passcode, each attendee will self-create his/her own credential to access the Academy platform.


No matter what we have done, it’s not time to rest yet. In addition to the fourth edition of the GCP basic course, suitable for TransCelerate certification, we are already warming up for the next round for Young People and families training, and the many new modules for PoV trials.


We are looking forward to welcoming all those in the c4c consortium in our upcoming courses!


The best is yet to come.