Experts selected from the conect4children (c4c) Expert Groups are available to provide Strategic Feasibility Advice (scientific advice), to c4c beneficiaries who are developing medicines for children.

Advice is available on any aspect of a paediatric clinical study or development program, e.g. trial design, including end points and assessment schedules. Patient and/or parent experts may also be invited to the advice meetings at the request of the applicant.


24 Expert Groups (see table below) have been established. These groups are made up of more than 300 experts with expertise on innovative methodology and clinical expertise on paediatric trials

In addition to their scientific perspectives, insights from patients and/or parents are encouraged at the advice meetings. They can provide valuable contributions to recommendations on appropriate paediatric clinical trial design.

Standing c4c Expert Groups

c4c has received 12 advice requests from the 6 c4c industry partners

Feedback from the c4c industry partners is very good with c4c identifying experts new to the company.

c4c is setting up a centralized contracting structure to simplify and accelerate the process of future Advice Requests.

The aim is to start using this new process in early 2021.

The c4c Advisory Group Secretariat encourages any c4c beneficiary to come forward with an Advice Request

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