conect4children (c4c) is pleased to announce its first publication.


The review titled “European research networks to facilitate drug research in children” has been published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.


This review discusses the need for a structured approach to drug development by establishing and utilizing research networks and infrastructures.

The publication explores how research networks and infrastructures can address the unmet medical needs for new, innovative medicines for children, while removing the barriers faced in paediatric drug development.


A structured approach overcomes:

    • fragmentation of stakeholders
    • provides a consistent framework for all stages of drug development
    • speeds up research by using the same systems and processes for each trial
    • enhances quality
    • can ensure that the voices of patients and caregivers are heard.


This review, authored by members of the c4c Project Leadership Team and consortium, summarises recent efforts to overcome barriers faced in paediatric drug development by two exemplar initiatives: The European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure (EPTRI) and conect4children (c4c).


The c4c project will make a culture change that fosters international and global approaches with cooperation and collaboration across paediatric clinical trials development and conduct.

It will deliver high-quality and rigorous datasets to promote quality in study designs and interoperability.

Strong communication  channels across initiatives allow for the avoidance of working in silos and the duplication of efforts.”

Dr. Birka Lehmann, Senior Expert Drug Regulatory Affairs, University of Bonn Lecturer & c4c External Advisory Board Member

The full review is available to view here.