DanPedMed is the Danish National Hub in the connect4children (c4c) project and is represented as a third party to the c4c beneficiary HUS-Norway. DanPedMed is working towards becoming an independent Danish National Hub, after the initial c4c IMI funding period concludes in 2024.

DanPedMed was established in 2016 through a collaboration between Danish Pediatric Society and Danish Society of Clinical Pharmacology. It is today a professional research network of pediatricians, clinical pharmacologists and other stakeholders who are working for better medicine used in children and adolescents. DanPedMed corresponds to similar networks in the Nordic region under NordicPedMed. The network involves all Departments of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Denmark, including direct contact to 160 clinicians working within the field.

The operational activities of the network are provided by the national coordinator (NC) and a steering committee. There are monthly meetings where practicalities and logistics in relation to incoming studies are addressed including feasibility, site readiness and relevant PI. We discuss strategic issues such as: how can we improve the collaboration within c4c and the overarching DanPedMed structure, how to position DanPedMed in relation to governmental and hospital authorities, international bodies, clinicians, parents, patients, public opinion, media, sponsors etc.

DanPedMed receives funding as a third party of the c4c project under the IMI2 funding agreement, and a grant from Trial Nation. In 2021 an additional grant from Trial Nation made it possible to employ three part time research nurses. Today they work across the country in close cooperation with the steering committee and the NC to strengthen the sites’ readiness to conduct clinical trials. Their work has made it possible for unexperienced sites to participate in one of the industry Proof of Viability studies from c4c.

c4c offers opportunities to be involved in pediatric clinical trials at all levels and stages in close collaboration with engaged and passionate professionals. DanPedMed has been involved in preparation of manuscripts for three animations featuring the role of the research nurse, retention rates and essential documents when performing clinical trials in children and young people. These animations are a part of the educational program in c4c.

DanPedMed is also a part of a research group in c4c, where we are working on an international education for research nurses in Europe.

DanPedMed is today an efficient single-point-of entry for stakeholders that wants to run pediatric clinical trials in Denmark.