Creating systems, tools, and standards to enhance quality, utility, reusability, and uniformity of the data collected during paediatric clinical trials, is one of the main objectives promoted by the c4c Network within WP5 “Data coordinating centre and data quality standards”.

An online meeting, open to all c4c consortium members, was organised on 24th June 2020 to present the achievements reached so far and the next steps related to the tasks in WP5. It was an occasion to have a series of talks, demonstrations and interactive sessions of the Information Technology (IT) tools that are under development.

An overview on the c4c Information System (c4c-IS), designed by Fondazione Gianni Benzi and Janssen Pharmaceutical NV to support c4c functioning and allow performance monitoring was presented with a video demonstration session of the components developed so far.

Representatives from Newcastle University and its third party the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (I-HD) offered interesting insights on Clinical Modelling and an interactive live demo of the pilot findings of creating clinical models to represent items from the c4c Cross Cutting Paediatric Data Dictionary (CCPDD).

The last session co-chaired by Newcastle University and third-party Amsterdam Medical Centre clarified the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) Data principles and how they could be implemented in c4c.

The event was a crucial opportunity to generate discussion with the whole c4c consortium and to exchange useful suggestions which will implemented within the WP activities.

c4c beneficiaries will find a report of the meeting on TeamWork by mid-July and a recording of the meeting is already available here.