Little girl using computer

Check out the new c4c video – From the patient’s side – aiming to inform the public about the c4c network and how patients and their families can contribute.

“At c4c we are working to give a voice to children, young people and families in research and YOU have much to say. Help us to do better research and develop better medicines for children.”

This final line of the video highlights one of the key objectives of c4c around placing patients at the centre of the project. This video provides general information about the active role that young patients and parents can play in the c4c project. Using colourful and didactic graphics, it includes a brief description of activities delivered within the project that will require the participation of young patients and parents.

One of the most relevant activities is the setup of a database of people interested in paediatric diseases, such as; young patients, families, groups and associations, to let them work together. Once registered, patients, carers and patient representatives may be contacted to take part in activities within the c4c project; from collaborating with researchers and creating informative materials for young patients to helping share the results of the research.

The video has been developed by the Patient and Public Involvement Cross-Cutting Team in the c4c project. A working group made up of 10 different institutions across Europe and guarantees the participation of patients across the different activities of c4c and fostering their participation in the different phases of a design of a clinical trial.

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