conect4children (c4c) seeks young patients,  parents/caregivers and healthcare professionals to understand their reasons for participating in a clinical trial.


Patients and families will undertake a decision-making process when deciding whether to take part in a clinical trial. This is known as the consent/assent process. Every patient and family, and every disease, is unique and the consent/assent process can differ substantially. Depending on the age and maturity of the patient, their agreement to participate in a clinical trial is gathered, along with the parent’s consent.

We want to know what information children, young people, parents and/or caregivers need when deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial.


How can you help? By simply answering a short questionnaire!

Your opinions and thoughts are important to us. These will help us to develop the right messages to inform patients and families who may be involved in future c4c clinical trials.

Remember to answer the questionnaire based on your own views of the decision-making process to participate in a clinical trial.


If you are a young person (12 years and older), click here  

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If you are a healthcare professional (trial nurse or trial investigator), click here.


Please help us by completing this questionnaire and look out for other opportunities to participate in c4c activities on our website.

We are committed to ensuring the active participation of children, young people and their careers in our work.