Project collaborators and Finnish National Hub, FinPedMed (Finnish Investigators Network for Paediatric Medicines), will coordinate the upcoming 3rd Nordic Conference on Paediatric Medicine, to be held on 8 – 9 October 2019 in Helsinki. The aim of the congress is to bring forward ideas for discussion in order to accelerate medicine development for children, by providing the most appropriate context for new solutions, and updating the current information related to paediatric Clinical Trials. With the EU Paediatric Regulation of 2007 (EC 1901/2006) came an increase in the number of paediatric clinical trials, leading to a greater demand for investigators, centres and research capacity in general across Europe. Since 2013, the Pharma Industry Finland together with FinPedMed have been fostering academic and Pharma Industry collaboration for paediatric clinical trials in the Nordic area.

During the event, various members of the c4c consortium will give talks on some keys areas within the project. On Wednesday morning Katharine Cheng from Janssen will deliver a broad overview of the project, Jaana Kallio from the Helsinki University Hospital will introduce the National Hubs and Networks and Régis Hankard, coordinator of PEDSTART-Inserm FCRIN, will talk about the Academic Proof of Viability trials.

For more information you can find the full programme here.