Between 4th-6th June 2024, 140 people from c4c Beneficiaries met in Bergen, Norway for the c4c General Assembly. This meeting was a great opportunity for colleagues to meet again and collaborate further for the benefit of the c4c network. The focus of this meeting was to provide an update on the progress made so far. and to discuss plans for the future of c4c, particularly now that the conect4children Stichting (c4c-S) has been set-up to sustain the c4c network and continue the great work being carried out by c4c. This meeting also allowed us to come together and celebrate the success of the network so far.

“The c4c project is exactly where we want to be! We have delivered on what we agreed to deliver and are immensely proud to be in a position where all the results developed during the project will be exploited after the conclusion of the IMI2 funding. Not only is the conect4children Stichting (c4c-S) now open for business with the Expert Advice service and the Study service underway, but we also expect that all key exploitable results such as the data standards, the education and trainings, the Multistakeholder Meetings, and the Trial Pharmacovigilance support for academics to continue within the broader network. We are extremely grateful to our partners for their incredible work so far, and their continuous support and engagement as we embark upon the final year of the project.” – c4c Project Leadership Team

c4c Beneficiary HUS-Norway and c4c Norway National Hub (NorPedMed) was the local host for this meeting. Thomas Halvorsen spoke about what it meant to bring the c4c General Assembly to Bergen:

“We are honoured to have been able to host the c4c General Assembly for 2024 and to invite colleagues from across Europe to join us in Bergen, Norway. This has been a wonderful opportunity to meet with colleagues again, celebrate the great work carried out by c4c, plan for the future, and to showcase our fantastic city! The upcoming year will be a defining period for the future of our common endeavour, ensuring the continuation and growth of this highly important initiative. As we approach the conclusion of this EU/IMI2 funded project, the consortium will continue to build on its achievements and support the new c4c Stitching to become a success”

The meeting was a great success and Beneficiaries look forward to continuing their work to achieve the overall aim of c4c: better medicines for babies, children and young people.