Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) New Children´s Hospital provides specialized pediatric care for the whole Helsinki capital region (2,2 Mil. inhabitants) and it also draws patients from all over Finland. HUS is nationally the leading paediatric care facility, as all more complex childhood illnesses, including pediatric organ transplants and cardiac surgeries are centralized to HUS New Children´s Hospital.

The c4c-Finnish National Hub is located within the Pediatric Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) of the New Children’s Hospital since its inception in 2018 along with the c4c-intiative and after 11 years operations of the Finnish Investigators Network for Pediatric Medicines, FINPEDMED. CTU coordinates and supports two academic c4c-PoV trials, TREOCAPA and KD-CAAP, as well as an industry-sponsored trial, Bayer FIONA. CTU collaborates with other c4c National Hubs, striving to ensure that these trials are conducted with high quality, safely and effectively.

Our CTU is comprised of a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and experts from all subspecialties in pediatrics. We foster close collaboration with the entire HUS hospital, encompassing a vast array of professionals. Our unit’s mission is to elevate pediatric care by promoting clinical research and developing novel therapies. Currently, we are conducting academic and industry-sponsored studies across various pediatric specialties, ranging from drug trials to device studies and digital health applications. Our unit actively participates in numerous national and international research projects, working closely with other research institutions and healthcare professionals. We are one of the category one members in Enpr-EMA (European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency), and we hold currently also the Enpr-EMA Chair position. HUS New Children´s Hospital is linked to the 23 European Reference Networks (ERN), to the European Children´s Hospitals network, EHCO and to the Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer in Europe, ITCC network. FINPEDMED also manages the Nordic Investigators Network for Pediatric Medicines, NORDICPEDMED.