How Can a Clinical Data Modelling Tool Be Used to Represent Data Items of Relevance to Paediatric Clinical Trials? Learning from the Conect4children (c4c) Consortium

The c4c have published a new article on the Direcht clinical data modelling tool in Applied Sciences. 

“c4c is piloting the Direcht clinical data modelling tool to model their Cross Cutting Paediatric Data Dictionary (CCPDD) in a more formalised way. The first pilot aimed to test whether a clinical data modelling tool could be used to represent data items from the CCPDD. The second pilot aimed to establish whether a small team with little or no experience of clinical data modelling can use Direcht to expand the CCPDD. Clinical modelling is the process of structuring clinical data so it can be understood by computer systems and humans. The model contains all of the elements that are needed to define the data item. Results from the pilots show that Direcht creates a structured environment to build data items into models that fit into the larger CCPDD. Models can be represented as an HTML document, mind map, or exported in various formats for import into a computer system. The c4c Consortium will continue to pilot use of this tool, to ascertain its added value for different stakeholders and, simultaneously, continue to build synergies between standards development organizations, stimulating adaptations which should benefit the wider paediatric health and research data communities.”

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