We are proud to announce that the Le Monde newspaper, in its Science & Medicine insert, has recently published an article about our project with an interview with Pr. Régis Hankard of the paediatric clinical research network, Pedstart. The article highlights the important issue that drug development is all too often overlooked when it comes to paediatric care.

He reminds us how the testing process is usually complex, and imbedded within a specific market. When coupled with the fact that many studies can’t keep going because there simply aren’t enough participants, it can leave an uphill battle in attracting industry investors.

Nevertheless, Pr. Hankard sees many reasons to be positive about the emergence of national networks and the harmonization between countries. He emphasizes that having a structure on a national and European scale, in the mould of c4c, is essential for the development of safe and effective drugs that are adapted for children.

Networks like c4c mean that there is a stronger force to be reckoned with when facing regulatory issues. It also helps with recruitment, which is particularly difficult in paediatrics, by spreading across different countries.

In other words, what Pedstart is doing in France to bring organisations together, c4c intends to do on a European level.