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À quoi servent les médicaments ?Information to help children understand what medicines are for, FrenchSPARADRAP6-8-yo parents-caregiverswebsiteacceptance
Advice about medicinePractical and reliable information about the medicine that their child needs and how to give it, EnglishMedicines for Children, 16-18-yo parents-caregiverswebsiteacceptance administration-routes
Aspirin journey through the body – 3D animationThe journey of a drug through the body: from the moment we take it until it is removed from the body, EnglishSheffield Hallam University, 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideoadministration-routes journey-of-the-drug-through-the-body
Douze façons de prendre un médicamentInformation on 12 ways to take a medicine, FrenchSPARADRAP, 6-8-yo parents-caregiverswebsiteacceptance administration-routes
Drug administrationDifferent ways (routes) used to give a medicine (drug)EnglishMSD Manualparents-caregiversemagazineadministration-routes
DrugsExplanations on different topics related with medicines and their effects on the human body, English (also in other languages)MSD Manual16-18-yo parents-caregiversemagazineadministration-routes
Guide to swallowing tabletsPractical advice to help your child swallow tablets or capsulesEnglishMedicines for childrenparents-caregiversguidelineswallowability
How does your body process medicine?This video explains how a medicine works in general terms in a human bodyEnglish with spanish subtitlesCéline Valéry | TED lessons Animation, all-agesvideoadministration-routes bioavailability
How to Take Oral Medications ProperlyLearn how to take oral medications properly, EnglishVery Well Health, 16-18-yo parents-caregiversemagazineaccepatance swallowability
How to use Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)Learn how to use metered dose inhaler, EnglishUseInhalers, 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideoadministration-routes dose-delivery-device
InhalersDidactic videos explaining different conditions and medical procedures, like how to use inhalers, EnglishMSD Manual, 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideoadministration-routes dose-delivery-device
Le vaccinInformation to help children understand what vaccines are and what they are needed for, FrenchSPARADRAP, 6-8-yo parents-caregiverswebsiteadministration-routes vaccines
Les médicaments, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Information to help children understand what medicines are, FrenchSPARADRAP6-8-yo parents-caregiverswebsiteacceptance
Medicine for kidsFind out why kids' medicines are different from adult ones, English - also available in Italian and SpanishCVBF-TEDDY, , , 6-8-yo parents-caregiversvideoadministration-routes bioavailability pediatric-dosage-forms swallowability
Modified release tabletsThis video explains the difference between different modified-release tablets, which can deliver a drug with a delay after its administration or for a prolonged period of time or to a specific target in the body., , Englishmaxxmint2112-15-yo 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideomodified-release
Module 2 – types of vaccine and adverse reactionsOnline course that explains the different types of vaccine and the main routes of administration, EnglishWorld Health Organization16-18-yo parents-caregiversothervaccines
Overview of drug absorption, metabolism, and excretionOverview of drug absorption, metabolism, and excretion, EnglishMSD Manual, 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideobioavailability pharmacokinetics
Problems swallowing pillsTips you can try to make it easier to swallow pills, , EnglishNHS, 12-15-yo 16-18-yo parents-caregiversguidelineaccepatance swallowability
TEDDY videosUnderstand why kids' medicines are different from adults onesEnglishCVBF-TEDDY, , , 6-8-yovideoadministration-routes bioavailability pediatric-dosage-forms swallowability