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Can we tell which children with febrile neutropenia have a bad bug or infection?An example of how children with cancer can help research, EnglishDr. Bob Phillips, 6-8-yo 9-11-yovideoblood-test other
Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) for children: what happens?What happens when your child needs a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (PECP)English with 10 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideocardio-pulmonary-exercise-test-cpet
Donating biospecimens for cancer research: an expert FAQSite with information on biospecimens (samples): what they are and why they are, parents-caregiversguidelinebiopsy-test blood-test-urinanalysis-stool-test
Explaining blood tests to familiesWhat happens when you get your blood tested (step-by step), EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoblood-test-explanation
How do I prepare my child for a cannula?How to prepare your child when he/she needs to have a cannula in hospital, EnglishWWCIH Charity6-8-yo parents-caregiversvideocannula-insert
How do I prepare my child for a CT-scan?How you could talk to your child about having a CT-scan (Computed Tomography), EnglishWWCIH Charity, all-ages parents-caregiversvideoct-scan images-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
How do I prepare my child for a general anaestheticHow to prepare you child before going to hospital to have a general anaesthetic before their operation, EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideogeneral-anaesthetic
How do I prepare my child for an EEG?How you could play with your child before you go to hospital for an EEG (electroencephalogram).English with 2 subtitlesWWCIH Charity6-8-yovideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
How do I prepare my child for an ultrasound?How to prepare a child before going to hospital to have an ultrasoundEnglish with 2 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
How do I prepare my child for an X-ray?, EnglishWWCIH Charity6-8-yo parents-caregiversvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
How do I prepare my child for MRI?How you could talk to your child about having an MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
How do I prepare my child with a learning disability for using healthcare services?This video shows interviews with parents of children with a learning disability and how they prepare their child for going to hospital or to the doctorEnglishWWCIH Charityparents-caregiversvideolearning-disability-for-using-healthcare-services
How do my eyes get checked for uveitis?What to expect when you have an eye test and have your eyes checked for uveitis, EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoeyes-screen-for-uveitis
How does anesthesia works?This video explains how anesthesia works, , English with 28 languages subtitlesSteven Zheng12-15-yo 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideoanesthesia
How X-rays see through your skinThis video explains how X-rays see through your skin, , English with 25 subtitlesGe Wang | TED lessons Animation12-15-yo 16-18-yo parents-caregiversvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
My child has a skin prick test to check for allergiesWhat happens when a child needs to have a prick test, a skin test used to detect allergies, English with 8 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoskin-prick-test-for-allergies
My child has a sweat test to diagnose or rule out cystic fibrosisThis video shows children what happens in a sweat test, English with 3 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideosweat-test-for-cystic-fibrosis
My child is going for a DMSA renal scan (nuclear medicine test) in hospitalWhat happens when doctors check if kidneys are healthy using a DMSA scannerEnglish with 4 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideodmsa-renal-scan
My child is going for a Hearing Test (Visual Reinforced Audiometry) in hospitalUnderstand what happens during a hearing testEnglishWWCIH Charityparents-caregivershearing-test-visual-reinforced-audiometry
My child is going for a polysomnography sleep studyWhat happens when babies or children have to undergo a polysomnography for a sleep study, English with 4 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideopolysomnography-sleep-study
My newborn baby has a Hearing Screen in hospitalWhat happens during the hearing test used to see if a newborn has hearing problemsEnglish with 6 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideohearing-screening-for-a-newborn
My son is anxious about his blood test – preparing in the play hospitalWhat happens when a child needs to get a blood test, EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoblood-test-play-in-a-hospital
Preparing for my child’s admission to the Cancer Centre at the Royal Hospital for Children GlasgowWhat happens when your child is admitted to a Cancer Centre for specialist treatment, English with 2 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversother
Standard ECG: Texas Children’s Heart Center animation seriesHelping children with heart problems understand their diagnosis and potential treatment optionsEnglishTexas Children's Hospitalall-agesvideoelectrocardiography
The Hopkins Children’s guide to surgeryPreparing your child for the experience of going to an hospital for surgeryEnglish, Arabic, SpanishJohns Hopkins Children's Center6-8-yobookletsurgery
What happens during an infusion with biologics?What happens when getting an infusion with biologics (a type of medicine)., , , EnglishWWCIH Charity12-15-yo 16-18-yo 9-11-yo parents-caregiversvideoinfusion-with-biologics
What happens in a cardio-pulmonary exercise test?What happens when you have a cardio-pulmonary exercise test to check your heart and lungs in hospital, EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideocardio-pulmonary-exercise-test
What happens in a hip check for babies and hip dysplasia treatment?What happens when babies hips get checked and treated for hip dysplasiaEnglishWWCIH Charityparents-caregiversvideohip-dysplasia-treatment
What happens in a Lung Function Test?What happens in a Lung Function Test (Breathing Test), EnglishWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoother
What happens in a nerve conduction study?What happens when your child needs a nerve conduction study to see if their nerves work properlyEnglish with 2 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideonerve-conduction-study
What happens in a videofluoroscopy swallow study?What happens in a videofluoroscopy swallow study (an X-ray study of the swallow)EnglishWWCIH Charityparents-caregiversvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
What happens when my child has a CT scan?How a CT scan is performed in the hospitalEnglish with 11 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
What happens when my child has an echo?What happens when your child needs to have an echo (or echocardiogram) to look at their heartEnglish with 7 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideoechocardiography
What happens when my child has an EEG?Learn what happens if you need to go to the children's hospital for an EEG (or electroencephalogram)English with 13 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideoelectroencephalography
What happens when my child has an X-ray?What happens when your child needs to have an x-ray to see his chest or bones, English with 10 languages subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-ages parents-caregiversvideoimages-ct-scan-rx-mri-etc
What happens when my child needs a breathing mask (NIV, CPAP) at night?See what happens when a child has to start wearing a mask ventilation for the nightEnglish with 7 subtitlesWWCIH Charityall-agesvideobreathing-mask-niv-cpap-at-night
What happens when my child needs a joint injection?What happens during joint injections using entonox (a gas that works as pain relief).English with 6 languages subtitlesall-agesvideojoint-injections-using-entonox-for-jia
What happens when my child needs an injection?See what happens when a child needs an injectionEnglishWWCIH Charityall-agesvideoinjections
Will and Sophie have radiotherapyHelping children understand the different stages of a radiotherapy treatmentEnglishChildren's Cancer and Leukemia Group6-8-yobookletradiotherapy