TREOCAPA Trial Phase III Protocol training

Enrollment is open from the 13th JULY 2020.

If you would like to register, please contact your National Hub.


Name of the course: TREOCAPA Trial Phase III Protocol training

Edition of the course: 1st Edition

Course enrollment: Monday 13th July – Monday 3rd August 2020

Next enrollment dates:

  • SEPTEMBER: 1-6 / 14-20 / 28-30
  • OCTOBER: 1-4 / 12-18 / 26-31
  • NOVEMBER: 1 / 9-15 / 23-29
  • DECEMBER: 7-13

N.B.: the 2nd and 4th week will be dedicated to the creation and communication of credentials to users.

Course start date: 6th August 2020

Course end date: The course remains open for the duration of the Trial


Who is the course for?

**if you are part of a PoV Team and you are interested into taking part in the Course, please contact your Country’s National Hub. The Referent Person for Training and Education will be your point of contact as participant in a c4c Academy Course.

This training is intended to co-investigators and research teams of sites participating in the Phase III study, especially those who might not be able to participate in the site initiation visit, and to any new research staff member who might join the team of the investigational site during the course of the trial.

This training is also intended for staff who will be organizing the site initiation visits (train the trainers).


Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol: 30


Bloom’s taxonomy level of the course:

General Description:

This course presents the key components of the TREOCAPA Trial Phase III Protocol.



  1. Time of parents information
  2. Patient selection
  3. Inclusion procedure and collection of informed consent
  4. Phase III study design
  5. AE / SAE monitoring
  6. Patient withdrawal



Jean-Christophe Roze:

Anne Chauviré-Drouard:

Anaëlle Moal: