Technical guidelines for the realization of echocardiographies

Name of the course: Technical guidelines for the realization of echocardiographies

Edition of the course: 1st Edition

Course enrollment: Enrollment is available for the duration of the trial

If you are involved in TREOCAPA Trial, please contact your National Hub to enrol.

Your National Hub’s Referent Person for Training and Education will verify your eligibility and provide you with the course’s enrolment password.

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Course Duration: 5-7 minutes

General Description:

The course explains how to perform an echocardiography, which is required for the TREOCAPA study.

The ultimate purpose of this course is to ensure the echocardiographies are completed following the exact same method across the 62 investigational sites in order to obtain standardized images for the entire study.

Echocardiographies are an efficient technique to assess the closure of the ductus arteriosus which is the primary endpoint of the TREOCAPA study phase II.

An echocardiography also needs to be performed at Day 7 for infants enrolled in TREOCAPA study phase III.

The course explains what needs to be completed in the eCRF, and how to upload images to the eCRF.


  1. Requested echocardiographic views for Treocapa study
    • supra-sternal view,
    • left parasternal long-axis view
    • left parasternal short-axis view
  2. PDA shunt size and flow pattern
  3. Pulmonary overcirculation
  4. Systemic hypoperfusion
  5. Ductus closure

Who is the course for?

This training is intended to the staff who will be in charge of performing and interpreting echocardiographies (neonatologists, cardiologists, specialized technicians), and to the research nurses who will be entering data and uploading pictures to the eCRF.

Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol: 20

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