Enrolment open from 8th Jan to 18th Feb 2024

Name of the course:
The Role of Research Nurses in Paediatric Clinical Trials

Edition of the course: 2nd Regular Edition

Starting date: 19th Feb 2024

Closing date: 22nd Mar 2024

Enrolment Dates: 8th Jan to 18th Feb 2024  

Course Duration: 5 weeks

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General Description: 

The course focuses on the role of Research Nurses in paediatric clinical trials. At the beginning of the course some study material is provided to the students. The course then proceeds with two interactive animated video-lessons. The first screenplay deals with “The role of the Research Nurse in the organization, preparation, and start-up of a paediatric clinical trial”. The second one covers the issue of “Retention rates. Keeping patients in the trial”. During the four weeks of the course students can interact with teachers via an online forum hosted on the c4c VLE platform. A webinar will be organized during the 4th week of the course with the students divided in two groups. Having successfully passed a final examination and completed a satisfaction questionnaire, students will obtain an attendance certificate from the c4c Educational Board.


  • Week 1: Study of background material provided by the teachers;

  • Week 2 and 3: interactive animated video-lessons and case forum;

  • Week 4: webinar on the c4c VLE Platform (there will be 2 webinars for 20 students each). The webinars are scheduled for the 12th & 13th March at 2pm CET

  • Week 5: final exam and certification.

A discussion forum will be available on the c4c VLE Platform during the four weeks of the course.

Who should apply?

Health care professionals involved in clinical trials regarding neonates, children and adolescents and in particular to Research Nurses

  • We are aware that the term Research Nurse covers a lot of job descriptions and functions. In this case it is defined as: a nurse trained specifically to work within clinical trials

  • The course is aimed at nurses working in paediatric clinical trials with little or some experience. We are happy to have experienced research nurses join us to provide very valuable input, but much of the content may be known to them.

  • The course will be in English, and we know that for some potential participants, this might be a challenge. If you feel this might be a difficulty for you, we recommend you contact your National Hub for advice.

**if you are part of a PoV Team and you are interested into taking part in the Course, please contact your Country’s National Hub. The person responsible for Training and Education will be your point of contact as participant in a c4c Academy Course.

Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol:

40: 2 per each National Hub

The minimum number of participants to activate the course is 10.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level of the Course:  3,4,5


  • Sigrun Margrethe Hjelle: sigrun.margrethe.hjelle@helse-bergen.no  

  • Pernille Skovby: pernille.skovby@regionh.dk 

  • Lucie Spatenkova: lucie.spatenkova@crc-cz.com

Enrolment Procedure

  • The enrolment time opens on the 8th Jan 2024 until the 21st Jan 2024

  • Each National Hub can select 2 CANDIDATES (who meets the eligibily criteria) and provide them with the course’s enrolment password.

  • The selected candidates must enroll to the course before the enrolment’s deadline (21st Jan 2024)

  • After the enrolment deadline passes – and ONLY if there are vacant places (less than 40 enrolled) – c4c Academy Management Secretariat will inform the National Hubs that there are “xx” spots remaining on the course.

  • At this point there will be an “extraordinary enrolment phase” – beginning on 22nd Jan and ending on the 18th Feb 2024.

  • The National Hubs can, at this point, enroll participants with no number limitations until the 40 is reached: the vacant places will be assigned based on a precedence criterion (who enrolls first gets the spot).

  • Enrolment will close as soon as the maximum number (i.e. 40) is reached

  • If less than 10 participants enrol the course will not be carried out (if the number of students enrolled is less than 20 only 1 webinar will be carried out).