Enrolment will be open from 10th May 2021 – 30th April 2024

Name of the course:
Monitoring Paediatric Trials

Edition of the course:  3rd Edition

Starting date: 10 May 2021

Closing date: 30th April 2024

Course Duration: 3 h


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General Description:  

This short course has been developed and focused on Monitoring aspects of clinical trials. It describes the role of the monitor, the site staff responsibilities in clinical trial monitoring, monitoring plan and SOPs.


  • Module 1:  The role and responsibilities of the Monitor in a Clinical Trial.

  • Module 2:  Monitor’s role during the study (routine and close out visits), monitor’s tasks in keeping contacts with sites and remote monitoring.

  • Module 3:  Site staff responsibilities in clinical trial monitoring.

  • Module 4: SOPs and Monitoring procedures Learning.

  • Module 5: Monitoring Plan complying with GCP requirements.

  • Module 6:  Safety monitoring.

Who is the course for?

Trial managers, study coordinators, monitors, data managers and hospital administrative personnel involved in clinical trials start up and management.

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Bloom’s Taxonomy Level of the Course:
1, 2


  • Loic Notelet – Loic.Notelet@sanofi.com

  • Lucie Spatenkova – lucie.spatenkova@crc-cz.com

  • Betty Polikar- betty.polikar@opbg.net

  • Silvia Pulici – spulici@cvbf.net

  • Cristina Manfredi – cmanfredi@cvbf.net