Enrolment will be open from 9th March 2022

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Practical tips for setting up gene therapy trials

Course Edition: 1st Edition

Starting date of course: 9th March 2022

Ending date of course: 30th April 2024

Starting date of enrolment: 9th March 2022

Ending date of enrolment: 30th April 2024

Course duration: 2.5 hours


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General Description

This course gives an overview of some key features of gene therapy clinical trials and how the set-up of these trials can differ from other clinical trials, based on experience from the neuromuscular and metabolic fields, as well as providing an industry perspective.

Whilst your site may not be delivering gene therapy trials at present, it is important to adequately plan and prepare for them. This course provides you with a framework for conducting an institutional readiness evaluation at your own site to help you understand if any additional provisions are required, and how you might best prepare to deliver these advanced therapy clinical trials.

As a result of the course, participants will be able to understand key elements that must be addressed when setting up a gene therapy trial and also recognise the importance of a thorough evaluation of Institutional Readiness and be able to adapt key elements of an Institutional Readiness assessment for use at your own site.


  1. Introduction

  2. Overview

  3. Institutional Readiness Survey #1

  4. Institutional Readiness Survey #2

  5. Learning from experience and resources

  6. Metabolic field Perspective

  7. Industry Perspective

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Who is the course for?

Members of staff involved in setting up and delivering clinical trials at sites that are interested in gene therapy, including but not limited to, Principal Investigators, Clinical Trial Coordinators and Research Nurses.

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Anna Irvin – anna.irvin@ncl.ac.uk