Paediatric Good Clinical Practice Refresher Course is now open.

Title of Course:
Paediatric Good Clinical Practice Refresher Course

Edition of the course: Pilot Edition

Course Duration: 2 hours

Course start date: 9th Jan 2023

Course end date: 30th June 2023

Course enrollment: Enrollment is open from 9th Jan 2023 until the end of this edition of the course (Pilot edition)

To enrol in this course, please contact your National Hub who will supply you with the course password.

Your National Hub’s Referent Person for Training and Education will verify your eligibility to enroll to the Course and provide you with the Course’s enrolment password.

Once you receive this Course’s Enrolment Password from your National Hub, please log in on c4c Academy Platform.

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General Description:

The course is designed to assist clinical research personnel, who have already taken the c4c GCP Course, refresh their knowledge of the basic principles of GCP and more specifically, how these principles can be applied in the pediatric research setting.

The course includes new and revised content relating to current regulations and guidelines for pediatric clinical trials in Europe.

 After having successfully completed the course (after each module there are 10 questions to be correctly answered) a certificate is released.


The course, which is self-learning, consists of 5 modules and it will take approximately 2 hours to complete – based on the assumption of prior GCP knowledge.

  1. ICH GCP Requirements

  2. Investigator’s Responsibilities

  3. Informed Consent

  4. Safety Management

  5. Records, Reports & Essential Documents

The student can start the course whenever suits and there is no time limits to complete it, until June 30th, 2023

Who is the course for?

The course is addressed to health care professionals involved in clinical trials regarding neonates, children and adolescents and is accessible only to those who have already carried out the c4c Basic GCP Course.

Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol:

Bloom’s taxonomy level of the course:


Kristin Marx (Servier), Pavla Pokorna (CUNI), Annalisa Landi (FGB), Lucia Ruggieri (FGB), Alpha Diallo (INSERM), Melanie Figarella (INSERM) and Lea Levoyer (INSERM)


If the student answers correctly to the 10 questions at the end of each of the 5 modules (3 attempts for each question and at least 80% of correct answers) and fills in the satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the course, a certificate of successful participation can be automatically downloaded from the platform.