Enrollment is open from 18th Sept – 15th Oct 2023

plus “extraordinary enrolment phase” which will end on 4th Feb 2024

Title of Course:
The Process to Obtain Informed Consent & Assent

Edition of the course: 5th Regular Edition

Course enrollment: Enrollment is open from 18th Sept 2023 to 15th Oct 2023 (plus  “extraordinary enrolment phase” which will end on 4th Feb 2024) See “Enrolment Procedure” below!

Course start date: 5th Feb 2024

Course end date: 10th Mar 2024

Course duration: 7-8 hours


Please see enrolment procedure below!
Once enrolled and you have received your password, please log in on c4c Academy Platform to begin your course.
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General Description:

The course focuses on the process to obtain the informed consent and assent during paediatric clinical trials. At the beginning of the course some study material is provided to the students. The course then proceeds with two interactive animated video-lessons. During the whole course students can interact with teachers with an asynchronous forum hosted on the c4c VLE platform. A webinar will be organized during the 4th week of the course with the participation of all the students and the faculty. Having successfully passed a final examination and answered to a satisfaction questionnaire, students will obtain an attendance certificate by the c4c Educational Board.


  • Week 1: study of background material provided by the teachers;

  • Week 2 and 3: interactive animated video-lessons

  • Week 4: webinar on the c4c VLE Platform – Feb. 27th at 10:00 am. 

  • Week 5: final exam and certification.


Participants: a maximum of 20 Participants

1 per each National Hub (the Norwegian NH has 2 places because 1 is reserved for the Danish NH which is its third party)
There is a minimum requirement of 10 participants for the course to proceed. 



Who is the course for?

The course is addressed to health care professionals involved in clinical trials regarding neonates, children and adolescents

Enrolment Procedure

  • The regular enrolment time frame is from the 18th Sept 2023 until the 15th Oct 2023

  • Each National Hub can select ONLY 1 CANDIDATE (who meets the eligibility criteria) and give him/her the Course’s Enrolment Password.

N.B.: the Norwegian NH has 2 places because 1 is reserved for the Danish NH which is its third party)

  • The selected candidates enroll to the Course before enrolment’s deadline (i.e. 15th Oct 2023)

  • Once the enrolment deadline expires – ONLY if there are vacant places (the enrolled persons are less than 20) – c4c Academy Management Secretariat will inform the National Hub’s Referent Persons for Training and Education that there are “xx” spots available to enroll to the course.

  • At this point there will be an “extraordinary enrolment phase” – which will end on 4th Feb 2024.

  • The National Hubs can enroll participants to reach the max. total number of 20: the vacant places will be assigned based on a precedence criteria (who enrolls first gets the spot).

  • After the max. number of people that can be enrolled has been reached, it will be no more possible to join the current edition of the course.

Bloom’s taxonomy level of the course: 

Blooms Taxonomy level 5


  • Viviana Giannuzzi,

  • Lucia Ruggieri,

  • Pavla Pokorna,

  • Lucie Spatenkova

  • Annalisa Landi