Developmental Pharmacology - Short Course

Enrolment will be open from 16th May 2022 until the 30th April 2024


Name of the course: Developmental Pharmacology short course

Edition of the course: 1st Edition

Course Category: Self Directed

Starting date: 16th May 2022

Closing date: 30th April 2024

Starting Date Of The Enrolment: 16th May 2022

Ending Date of the Enrolment: 30th April 2024

Course Duration: 6 hours (14x 20-30 min online modules)

General Description:  

The short course is an introduction to “Developmental pharmacology” organized as a self-assessment course based on a questions / answers (Q/A) methodology. This course will present the key aspects of developmental pharmacology, covering the impact of growth and maturation on drug disposition, effects on dosage selection and evaluation in the different paediatric age groups. View course flyer here.



Module 1: Growth and maturation

Module 2: Pharmacokinetics

Module 3: Pharmacodynamics and dosage selection

Module 4: Drug administration – formulations

Module 5: Pharmacovigilance

Module 6: Conclusion : Developmental pharmacology aspects to consider in a pediatric clinical trial


Who is the course for?

All professionals involved in paediatrics and paediatric drug development including but not limited to investigators, clinicians, nurses, regulators and research technicians.


Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol: unrestricted


Bloom’s Taxonomy Level of the Course: 










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