Enrolment open from 13th Feb – 27 Feb 2023

Title of Course: Elements of Clinical Trials Methodologies

Edition of the course: First Edition

Course Category: Interactive 

Course Duration: 10 hours (including attending video lessons, webinar and journal club)

Course start date: 6th Mar 2023

Course end date: 31st May 2023

Course enrollment: Enrollment is open from 13th Feb – 27 Feb 2023

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All the students are enrolled for part 1 and part 2 at the beginning of the course.

General Description:

The scope of the course “Elements of Clinical Trials Methodologies” is to provide the basic elements of clinical research methodologies giving high relevance to the understanding of clinical research results and learning the basics of writing research papers. Reading, understanding, and writing papers are fundamental activities for researchers who want to properly use clinical methodologies in their own research.


The course is divided in two parts:

  • Part 1 (Self-Paced learning & Self-Assessment)
    Part 1 is for the individual student and consists of 5 modules. Each module includes pre-recorded video lessons and the set of slides to download. The students can ask questions to the trainers in the online forum. A self-assessment quiz is available right after the student has followed the lessons. 5 weeks of time to follow all the lessons.

    • Module 1: General concepts about clinical trials

    • Module 2: The practical aspects of clinical trials

    • Module 3: The rules and ethics

    • Module 4: Reading and critiquing a research paper on a clinical trial

    • Module 5: Writing a research paper on a clinical trial


  • Part 2 (Online Meeting and Working Groups)
    Part 2 starts with an online webinar during which the trainers will give a short summary of the topics of part 1 and will be available for questions and comments from students. The students are divided in groups and a research paper is assigned to each group. Each group is asked to prepare the abstract and a short presentation of the assigned paper. After 4 weeks from the webinar, there will be journal club during which each group will present the paper.


  • Conclusion
    The students will fill in an evaluation survey and receive a certificate of attendance.The certificate issued with completion of the self-assessment quiz, journal club attendance and completion of the evaluation survey


Part 1 Start Date: 6th March 2023
Online forum opens for questions / comments: 27th March 2023
Part 2 Start (Webinar): 12-21st April 2023 (To be confirmed)
Journal Club: 15-31 May 2023 (To be confirmed)

Who is the course for?

The main audience of this course includes all the people who are in c4c national hubs and who are involved in the delivery of clinical trials and who are interested into the topic. These include young investigators (associate), research nurses, clinical trial pharmacists, study coordinators, data managers & biostatisticians.

The course ‘Elements of Clinical Trials Methodologies’ does not require a high level of expertise: it is for an audience with different background (they are not necessarily all doctors) and it is preparatory to the more advanced courses in the c4c platform (e.g., Innovative Trial Design).

An ideal audience is represented by the young investigator community of c4c (https://conect4children.org/young-investigators ). Young investigators/research professionals are from the National Hubs, involved in research and clinical trials and are below the age of 45 years. Although in the early stages of their research careers, these young investigators/researchers will hopefully be among the future leaders in pediatric clinical trials in Europe and beyond.

Max. number of persons that can enrol: 40 (20 persons must enrol for the course to take place)

Bloom’s taxonomy level of the course:

Blooms Taxonomy level 5


  • Francesca Rocchi, OPBG, Italy // rocchi@opbg.net

  • Pauline Amuge, Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation, Uganda

  • Tom Jacobs, Radboud UMC, the Netherlands

  • Elisabetta Venturini, Meyer Hospital Firenze, Italy

  • Catherine Wedderburn, UCL, London, UK

  • Lizzie Chappell, UCL, London, UK

  • Chiara Minotti, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health UNI PD, Padova, Italy

  • Alfredo Tagarro, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain

  • Cinta Moraleda, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain

  • Tristan Delory, CH Annecy Genevois, Annecy, France