c4c is creating an international network of National Hubs and qualified sites in order to deliver high quality clinical trials across Europe.

National Hubs coordinate activities for high-quality clinical trials to take place.  These include:

  • Advocating and representing the c4c network at the country level
  • Helping to standardize processes within the c4c network by developing national standards, processes and templates
  • Providing input into the c4c Proof of Viability trials
  • Acting as the main point of contact in their country for sites and streamlining communications between sites and the c4c network.

National Hubs meet regularly to share ideas, learning and to keep up to date with the activities of the c4c network.

In total, there are 20 National Hubs across 21 countries (with the Finnish National Hub covering both Finland and Iceland).

Take a look at our map which shows the number of sites linked to each National Hub in each country! (Data correct as of 22.11.2021)