Train the trainers

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Who is this course for?
c4c Teachers and people involved in the development of c4c e-learning courses.

The scope of the course is to facilitate the design of courses for c4c teachers.


General Description

The course requires 2 hours of study for a basic understanding of online teaching and on setting up a course in the learning platform, also providing several resources for advanced knowledge of the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

At the end of this course, participants will know the main characteristics of online teaching and of different teaching and learning models.

They will also get instructions and tips on how to design and set up a course.


Objectives of the course

  • To identify the main characteristics of online education that concerns the setting, the tools & the style of communication
  • To list and recall the educational guidelines realized by Bloom and Miller
  • To recognize and use the different tools provided for the  design of a course
  • To compare and select the different learning model provided for the design of a course
  • To recognize and locate the main functionalities of the learning platform


• Main differences between face-to-face and online teaching
• Teaching and Communication
• Bloom’s Taxonomy and Miller’s Pyramid
• Tools for designing a course
• Learning models
• Tutorials on the VLE and the Webmeeting system
• A final test made by different question types (MCQs, Drag-and-Drop,  Cloze, etc.)


Alessio Ceccherelli
Marta Sponsiello