c4c Information System

Enrolment will be open from 7th March 2022


Course Edition: 1st Edition

Starting date of course: 10th March 2022

Ending date of course: 30th April 2024

Starting date of enrolment: 7th March 2022

Ending date of enrolment: 30th April 2024

Course duration: 1 hour

General Description

The c4c Information System (IS) has been designed, implemented, and deployed

  • to increase information on c4c functioning at a central, national and site level
  • to support procedures and tools to monitor performance metrics


Objectives of the course:

  1. To understand how the c4c Information System works
  2. To recognize and locate the main functionalities of the IS
  3. To become independent in the use of the IS



  1. Overview of the c4c IS
  2. Request manager functionalities
  3. Contact manager functionalities
  4. Document manager functionalities

Learning material:

  • Reference cards
  • Training videos

Who is the course for?

The course is addressed to users from national hubs, to allow them to send/receive requests to the SPoC team through the c4c Information System.


Max. number of persons that each national hub can enrol: unrestricted


Bloom’s Taxonomy Level of the Course: 3










Giuseppe Digregorio gdg@benzifoundation.org

Ilaria Amoruso ia@benzifoundation.org